Rake it, dig it, water it,  we have tools for all occasions.  Having the right tool for the right job helps make light work of those gardening duties.  We have tools for preparation, planting and keeping the area weed free through to irrigation with watering cans to fully automated watering systems.

Having a lush green lawn is every gardener’s dream and we can help make that happen with our range of lawn products from patch repair to weed and moss removal.

Pests and diseases are an inevitable part of gardening, but we have a vast product range to deal with most gardening problems.  So if it is a black spot on roses or problems with slugs we have a product to help and if you are not sure what to buy, ask one of our friendly knowledgeable staff

And finally, let us not forget our feathered and four-legged friends.    We have an extensive range of birdcare products including feeds and bird tables and these are available all year round.  Our four-legged friends are well catered for too with leads, collars, pet bedding and toys.   Being a dog-friendly garden centre too, why not bring your dog along and let them choose their own!

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