Actions and decisions we all make on a daily basis have an impact on the planet we live on.  Since Sir David Attenborough highlighted the problem with plastics found in the oceans we are all becoming more aware of how we live, what we buy and how individuals can make a difference to our planet.

At Bosworth’s we are doing our bit to make sure that we lessen our impact on the environment by taking some positive initiatives.

Let us tell you about about what we are doing that you may not know about…..

Plastic Straws

Both Aspen and Mulberry Cafe have now discontinued use of single use plastic straws and we now only have paper straws.

Food Waste

All our food is freshly prepared to order leaving very little food waste.  At Mulberry Cafe in Elton, any food waste is sent over to The Secret Garden where it is added to the compost heap.
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Plant Miles

Each year we grow around a million plants on our very own nurseries that you will find for sale in our garden centres.  The nursery is located at Burton Latimer so the most these plants travel is 20 miles to Elton and only a hundred metres in the case of Burton Latimer.

The Secret Garden also grow a wide selection of fruit and vegetables that Mulberry Cafe use in their dishes.


Coffee Grounds

Did you know coffee grounds make good fertilizer either by sprinking round soil or adding to the compost heap.  At Mulberry Cafe in Elton our used coffee grounds are available to take away and use.


The garden centre industry has made significant progress in developing peat-free and peat-reduced alternatives for plants.  Other materials such as composted bark, coconut fibre, wood fibre and green waste have been are being investigated with over £100 million being invested into the development. 

At Bosworth’s Garden Centre we have a peat-free alternative by New Horizon.

Plastic Pots

Plastic plant pots have long been a contentious issue.  Non black plastic plant pots are actually recyclable, however, few local authorities are currently collecting them with the kerbside collection.  The HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) want local authorities to change their guidance regarding plastic pots.   You can check your area here to see if they accept pots for recycling. You could aslo consider donating your used pots to local gardening clubs or schools where they can be re-used. 

At Bosworth’s our pansies and violas are packed in new clear packaging which means this packaging should be able to be recycled with your kerbside collections. In the meantime the HTA continues to look into ensuring a sustainable system for plastic.

Snowglobe Snow

Our current “snow” is made from a recycled plastic that has already had one use, it is used in our snowglobe, which as long as kept clean can be constantly reused. When the product is no longer needed it can be recycled again for a third use as a different product. Although it is not a plastic which will degrade in a way which is environmentally acceptable in todays climate, it is a product which is reused and can be reused again by our end users. In short, it is not a single use plastic.

We have been researching for a biodegradeable and compostable snow.  Starch based ‘plastics’ have extremely specific ‘break down’ conditions which mean they will NOT break down in water and thus once it gets into a water source, is just as damaging as traditional plastic. It requires a temperature of 50 degrees C and UV light to degrade in an acceptable time. It also emits Methane when degrading which is a gas more damaging than carbon dioxide. It is unfortunately a product which does not meet the standard we are looking for and currently, have not found a product of  which is better for the environment than our current recycled, recyclable product.

Working with our suppliers we  are constantly looking for a new and better ingredient to use, but at this time wanted to assure you that in our opinion, when weighing up all the options, the “snow” we use is the most environmentally acceptable version currently on the market.

Plastic Bags

We are currently looking in to sourcing more sustainable carrier bags.  There are a number of options to look at including biodegradeable that after their use can be literally thrown on the compost heap and they will have completely disintegrated within 6 weeks.  Other options we are looking in to are replacing plastic with  paper bags.

Interestingly dependent on processes a paper bag can cause more of a carbon footprint in its manufacture that a plastic bag.   With this in mind we are ensuring that whatever we switch to in the futre is the best possible solution.

In the meantime, from the 1st March 2020 we shall be applying a fee to our carrier bags, bootliners and branded trays.  This will be 5p for both carrier bags and bootliners and 20p for a card branded tray.  This money will be donated to our chosen local charity.

As with many stores we encourage you to bring in your own “bags for life”  or reuse your plastic bags.  We also sell a heavier duty boot liner to use instead of single use plastics

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