Scientific Name:

 Rangifer tarandus



Reindeer come from arctic and subarctic areas in Asia, Europe and North America.



In their natural habitat reindeer eat lichens, leaves, fungi and herbs. 


Interesting Facts

It is thought that reindeer were first domesticated 3,000 years ago and is still the only deer to be tamed.

Reindeer are the only species of deer that both male and females have antlers.

Wild herds can travel thousands of kilometres to migrate (Which helps them when its time to pull Santa’s sleigh!)

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The reindeer that will be visiting us will have travelled less than twenty miles to be with us.  They will come each morning from their farm and will return there in the evening.  They will be with us each day for no more than five hours and during that time will be in large 5 metre x 5 metre pen allowing enough room for them to move away from people and rest should they wish to.

The reindeer are similar to horses in that they will come over to you or may prefer to simply rest in their pen. The animals will not be “made” to come over to the sides of the pen, should they be resting. 

There will be two reindeer with us each day plus their handler.

The farm that they will be coming from treat the animals as loving family pets, and along with us here at Bosworth’s put the welfare of the animals as a main priority


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