Why Gardening is Good!


There are around 27 million gardeners in the UK alone.  Ths makes gardening the biggest hobby in the country.

CO2 and O2

Plants absorb C02.

One oak tree will give off enough O2 for two people to live off for one year and absorb around 18kg


Health & Wellbeing

Gardening can be a great boost to our mental health.  No matter the size of your garden, even if it is only a balcony there are many benefits of becoming green fingered.


Connecting us with nature – we live in an increasingly technology driven world so re-connecting with nature gives us a chance to have a tech detox. Being amongst plants and greenery helps us to relax and destress.


Excersise – Many of us rely on a visit to the gym for our excersise, but gardening can give you that same level of workout from digging, raking, cutting the grass etc.  Excersise releases endorphines which make us feel happy.  Being outside in the sun can also help seratonin levels which are a mood stabiliser.  As well as this excersise in the form of gardening is great for your general health.  


Responsibility and sense of acheivement – Looking after a garden can give us a sense of responsibility even if is a single plant in a pot.  Nururing a seed to a flower also gives a great sense of acheivement.

The mental health charity Mind has more information the benefits of mental health and nature – click here to visit their site


Meeting new people – Gardening can even be a good way to meet new people, particularly if you adopt and allotment or work on a community garden.  Did you know that our Elton site has a “Secret Garden” where you can volunteer.  If you would like more information give us a call on 01832 343104 and speak to Diane.


Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Fruit and Veg brought from a supermarket has often travelled many many miles before beforehand. Growing your own fruit and veg cuts down on your carbon footprint and it often tastes much better too.

Our Secret Garden produces a fruit and vegetables that we use in our Mulberry Cafe – that really is using a local supplier!!!  Our nursery in Burton Latimer also produces over a million plants that you can find for sale in both garden centres – the most these plants will have travelled is 20 miles.  Look out for our “Grown at” logo.

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